About MOFgen

MOFgen Ltd: an award winning spin-out from the University of St Andrews commercialising MOFs for medical and therapeutic applications.

The company’s patented technology was pioneered in the laboratories of world renowned porous material scientist Prof Russell Morris FRS within the School of Chemistry at St Andrews.

With roots in the leading research group of its field, MOFgen is exploiting its strong IP and knowhow assets in the areas of MOF design, application, manufacturing and formulation to deliver cutting edge solutions to healthcare challenges. Through an ethos of innovation and collaboration, MOFgen works closely with its partners, to develop bespoke solutions to prevent healthcare associated infections, avoid bacterial resistance, heal chronic wounds and address arterial access.

By addressing these issues MOFgen’s products improve the quality of patient care and reduce secondary infection rates, thereby alleviating the burden on stretched community and hospital health care resources.

The company’s strong team combines world leading scientific expertise in the development of MOFs for biomedical applications with corporate management experience from the med-tech arena.